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How can I tell if my cornea flap has become dislodged after LASIK?

Also, can anything bad happen by letting a little bit of soap drip into the eye, and then washing it out with tear eye drops?
It’s not that I want soap in my eye – it’s that a little bit of soap dripped in this morning and made it burn. I put some drops in to wash it out, and aside from that, doesn’t seem like anything’s amiss. The eye that had a little soap in it is a little more blurry than the other, but that might also be natural.

    lisa l
    Posted 2 years ago

    If you recently had lasik and you think that your flap dislodged you would have sudden pain and blurry vision.
    Also, WHY do you want soap in your eye??
    Our eye has a natural cleaning system it even has currents like the earth that wash the eye continuously

      Posted 2 years ago

      You should keep the protective goggles on for at least 3 days after LASIK. This reduces the chance of displacing your flap. Usually when it gets displaced you’ll have a change in your vision and you might actually feel the wrinkling when you blink. Stick to you post-operative schedule and you’ll be fine.

      About the soap, it’s fine if you washed your eye out completely with the eye drops given to you. If it still feels irritating repeat. If you notice that the redness doesn’t disappear after a few minutes, get it checked out.

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