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What Does My Eye Glasses Prescription Mean?

My prescription says this:

OD: (Sph) +025 (Cyl) -075 (Axis) 107
OS: (Sph) “PL” (Cyl) -050 (Axis) 060

Please help me out with this. Is there an astigmatism in one or both eyes? Am i farsighted or near sighted? Whats the deal?
My vision is okay without glasses, but I get frequent headaches and straining when at work.

    Ceryl W
    Posted 2 years ago

    You are far sighted in your left eye (+0.25) with astigmatism in both eyes – you have -0.75 in the left and -0.50 in the right. You have no correction other than astigmatism in your right eye.

    How is your vision without your glasses?

      Posted 2 years ago

      OD = Right
      OS = Left
      You are very mildly farsighted in the right eye with a mild astigmatism, and your left eye requires a mild correction for astigmatism only(the “PL” in the left stands for Plano which is zero power).

      Overall, a mild prescription but enough to relieve eyestrain and sharpen things up.

        Posted 2 years ago

        Both answers so far have been partially correct but have had errors. As stated, OD is right eye and OS is left, and your left eye has only a correction for cylinder (astigmatism), meaning it is emmetropic (normal) in one meridian and myopic (near-sighted) in another. Think of it like taking a ball that’s round, with the same curvature all the way around, and then squeezing from top to bottom so it’s more curved in the vertical meridian (up-down) than it is in the horizontal. Your right eye is not farsighted as stated by the other answers. It actually has mixed astigmatism, meaning different curvatures in two meridians (think of the ball), but one of the meridians is far-sighted (the +0.25) and the other is near-sighted (the -0.75). The -0.75 is actually +0.25 – 0.75= -0.50, meaning the near-sighted meridian is actually stronger than the far-sighted one, making the eye near-sighted overall, but it is in actuality both.

        To sum up, both eyes are near-sighted (though one is actually near-sighted AND far-sighted and one is emmetropic and near-sighted) and both have astigmatism.

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