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Why do my contact lenses burn when I put them on?

I slept over a friend’s house and forgot my case so I decided to get a tiny bowl and put solution in it. As you know it completely slipped my mind that you can’t put both contact lenses together. Any how, I did and I only covered it with a paper towel. When I tried putting them on the next day they burned so bad I couldn’t even open my eyes to take it out.
By the way, they’re new, about a day old.

Anyone know what I should do?

    Posted 2 years ago

    Soak them in the cleaning solution in a CLEAN case for at least 24 hrs. Rinse them again and try putting them in and see if it still hurts.

      Posted 2 years ago

      Please call your optometrist. Your eyes may have to be examined. It sounds like you might have dry eyes. Get checked for that. There are great drops for that.
      Bless you and good luck! :)

        Posted 2 years ago

        Maybe go ask your eye doctor or called them.

          Posted 2 years ago

          Yes. Stop using them. They are unnatural at very best. No matter what you’ve heard. Mike

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